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Marines Activated - McCabe Fired

The Intel coming in now from Qanon is picking up pace.  When we all first woke up to Qanon back in November it was immediately clear that what we had was Military intelligence operating directly in the white house as part of something much bigger.

Further information at the time disclosed that a Marine briefing took place with the President.  This would certainly have taken the form of a warning order and specific also to preparation work.  

Shortly after we heard of a Marine assault on CIA headquarters in Langley, never confirmed along with an intelligence haul also never really confirmed.  Then Atlanta airport was shut down for a day and a major movement into Gitmo took place in support of a major build out.   By now the paint has dried.

This all supported a Marine led preparation program to support civilian authority. During the last two months EO have come out spelling out clear targets and the extent of the pending operation.  Today we understand that the Marines have been activated and will likely be seen in the skies near you. 

Further data from Dilley Drop confirms that a large number of senior retired marines have been recalled back to active service ( as per EO dec 24).  Even bigger, it is probable that Robert Mueller as marine colonel was also recalled to duty and is acting under POTUS orders. 

You must understand what has happened.  For the past twelve months, the raft of bad actors have been led to support the so called Mueller Prosecution and this has allowed no end of bad acts to be publicly aired.  We now know all about the Obama politicization of the FBI and weeks of speculation over the firing of McCabe has just ended with his firing.  I want to say that most of these lads are obviously guilty as hell to any rational person.  Yet it was necessary for all possible political support to be first bled away.  

There is a plan in place and more heads will fall this week.  Yet do observe that the MSM is completely losing control of the narrative.  They are now wrong footed in this fight.

Understand that the Marines are coming and there are 18,000 sealed indictments out there now.  Inasmuch as Foreign actors have been involved with this assault on the USA Republic, it is all part of a hostile attack in which many folks were bought off to play a leading part.  That Islam played a role is a given.  That 9/11 is a CIA operation is also part of the story.

I do not think that we will be sitting in the dark for much longer.  And yes, expect to see shock and awe in the air.    Too much has to be done to retain secrecy and a dramatic round up combined with a propaganda assault aimed at informing all regarding the purpose will be a huge public shock comparable to 9/11.  What will follow is months of trials and the public airing of serious crimes all followed by the sound of firing squads.

What has taken so long has been the size of what needed to be done. Trump Version 2.0 has now begun and the whole infrastructure of the Deep State is now coming down.  The shock of it will shock the whole world honest.

Expect Soros, and many others to be shot.  The scale of treason is mind blowing

Death by a Thousand Cuts

As I have posted before, the Trump administration is engaged in major secret operations against the Deep State and we are been fed some intel through Qanon.

It appears that a month ago, that restraints placed on Trump, whose nature we do not understand but certainly included placement on non allies in his administration.  Since then their replacement has been quick.

During all this and apparent from the continuing content, it seems that the they are literally dismantling CIA criminal assets at least worldwide and likely taking possession of others.  This would be in preparation  for its final dissolution.  Thus the shift of Pompao to State from the CIA and the 'promotion' of a  CIA functionary to the post smacks of getting your loyalists off the target.

We had a rumble months ago that the Marines were storming the CIA or at least collecting intel.  This may well have been a deliberate leak to act as a warning order to loyalists.  Pompao was in fact gathering intel as well.

I hope that is enough cloak and dagger for you.

As i have said before, intel is been leaked to loyalists in order to warn them and so they will not be utterly wrong footed when this goes public.

The allusion to a thousand cuts is both to Kennedy's vow to blow the CIA to a thousand pieces and obviously doing it through a thousand cuts.

In fact the nature of the intel is such that i suspect that the source has spent a lot of time on the NY Times Crossword.  Right type of thinking. This strongly increases the probability that Qanon is Trump  himself and he has to do something when all others are sleeping.

It was reported that CIA assets in North Korea have been neutralized and i also observe a cleanup of the judiciary is underway as well. Sudden unexplained resignations and this is worldwide.

What is easy to underestimate is the depth of the intel haul been now exploited.  The same methods used to locate Saddam Husein are now been used to process the data mined.

More recently other perceptive observers have woken up to the likelihood that Mueller has been working with Trump under the cover of the Special Prosecutor.  After all, Trump has been formally exonerated and all the deliverables are bad news for Democrats.  The real sting is a complete and as subtle as you can imagine.

Between Mueller playing Inspector Cleauseau and Sessions playing Mr Magoo, i wonder who is having the most fun?  Sessions must have loved dusting off those old marijuana speeches.

And the MSM has been so blinded by their own wishful thinking that they have fallen for he whole story line.  I wonder how they will handle it if the Media giants are suddenly put under trusteeship while their owners spend real time explaining themselves in Gitmo.  This is likely wishful thinking  also but recent censorship activities on their part would make this welcome.

Seven Feet Of Snow In Northern California Puts Screeching Halt To State’s Drought

Let us observe that we have had a serious winter with ample snow pack all over and yes this will surely ameliorate ongoing drought conditions.  As i have posted before, the sun has actually cooled sufficiently to allow a global heat decline and this trend has been underway for several years now.   Thus we will see worsening winters and an end to general drought conditions generally.

The present expectation is that this will be sustained for around three decades before the sun warms up again.  How cold it might get cannot be predicted simply because we lack empirical data to safely guide us.

Globally we need to Terra-form all the deserts with atmospheric water collection  as this will also hold substantial heat as well and nicely moderate the global climate back to Bronze Age norms.
. ..

Seven Feet Of Snow In Northern California Puts Screeching Halt To State’s Drought


8:56 PM 03/02/2018

A massive snowstorm Friday in Northern California could bring the state’s lengthy drought to end while leaving two feet of snow in the mountains near Los Angeles.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains has seen two feet of snow and winds gusting over 100 miles per hour. 
Forecasters are expecting seven feet of snow in some areas of the mountain range. Meanwhile, more than 22,000 Montecito residents evacuated their homes as rain continued to pound the area — California’s weather comes as a nor’easter clobbers parts of the East Coast.

“The worst of the storm has passed, and we are cautiously optimistic that due to a significant amount of pre-storm preparation we have come through this with minimal impact,” Rob Lewin, director of the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management, said in a statement.

Things have not been that much better on the East Coast. A so-called bomb-cyclone condition is shaping up on the other side of the country that could be even more intense than one from earlier this year. Predictions are it could cause record flooding and intense damage and be the most intense nor’easter in 20 years, according to the National Weather Service.

“Many have asked how this event will compare to January 4,” the NWS in Boston said in a statement. “Our thinking is there will likely be more structural damage in this event given the larger waves and occurring over multiple tide cycles. Many neighborhoods will likely become isolated, some for extended periods of time.”

Experts are predicting moderate to major flooding for three tide cycles in Boston. A 3-foot storm surge is coming into the city on top of approximately 11-foot tides, flooding could set records in the city and be worse than the Jan. 4 storm.

January’s snowfall covered approximately 49 percent of the northern section of the country leading up to Christmas Day of 2017. It made a “White Christmas” for almost half of the country, not including Alaska and Hawaii.

Pennsylvania county was clobbered with 60 inches of snow in two days following Christmas. The storm shattered records and required the national guard to help keep the roads clear and residents safe.

Northern Erie County, Penn., accumulated over 60 inches of snow by late Tuesday afternoon, according to Cleveland’s National Weather Service (NWS), reports. Thirty-four inches of snow descended on Christmas Day, marking a single-day record snowfall in Erie.

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Even after storm, California’s Sierra snowpack at 37 percent of average

Updated 8:56 pm, Monday, March 5, 2018

The storm that wrought avalanches at ski resorts and whiteouts on mountain roads last week was so fierce that California water officials postponed their much-anticipated monthly survey of snow depth, setting the stage for potentially better news this week.

But on Monday, when officials finally lugged their gauges into the High Sierra for their periodic made-for-TV measurement, they confirmed their suspicions: The biggest storm of the winter had done little to alter the state’s swing toward renewed drought.

California’s all-important snowpack measured 39 percent of average for the date at Phillips Station in El Dorado County, the state’s traditional survey spot south of Lake Tahoe, while snowpack statewide measured 37 percent of average.

“No, we’re not looking OK,” said Frank Gehrke, chief of the California Cooperative Snow Surveys Program for the Department of Water Resources. “It’s a much rosier picture than a week ago, but it does illustrate the need for everyone to be prudent in their use of water.”

California’s winter has been disappointingly dry. Some parts of the state have seen less than a fifth of average precipitation since October, the usual start of the wet season. The Bay Area has received a little more than half its average.

While last winter delivered record-breaking storms that ended a historic, five-year drought, nearly 50 percent of the state has slipped back into at least moderate drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Yes, It Was The 'Affordable' Care Act That Increased Premiums

 Provided everyone is covered, we must now ask how those not covered paid in the past?  Do you really think that we have seen an expansion of the service?  Not to worry of course, i am sure that the insurance industry will have no problem making the money disappear.

I suspect that the USA is now paying double what all other countries are paying for essentially the exact same service.  I also suspect that doctors are not on average making much more.

We do need a real accounting in order to discover just how extensively the insurance industry games the business of health care as compared to other countries.  That would provide some real competition.  Right now we have a monopoly pricing model imposed over much of the industry and consumers have begun to flee the industry.  It could easily become a cascade even though it appears difficult. 
After all computer AI diagnostics are around the corner today and a $200 test workup can ultimately do it all for most of us. ..
Yes, It Was The 'Affordable' Care Act That Increased Premiums
Mar 22, 2017 @ 01:39 PM

By Robert Book and Paul Howard

While the debate proceeds over some details of the American Health Care Act, it’s worth pausing to take another look at how awfully misnamed the so-called “Affordable” Care Act has turned out to be, especially for people who buy their health plans on their own, rather than obtain it through an employer. While advocates and politicians have cited numerous examples of people facing huge premium increases, ACA advocates have been able to respond that those are cherry-picked cases, or that premiums were increasing before the ACA and would have increased anyway.

Those responses are no longer plausible. It turns out that across the board, for all ages and family sizes, for HMO, PPO, and POS plans, premium increases averaged about 60 percent from 2013, the last year before ACA reforms took effect, to 2017. In same length of time preceding that, all groups experienced premium increases of less than 10 percent, and most age groups actually experienced premium decreases, on average.

These findings come from new data from eHealth, which not only sells ACA Marketplace health plans, but sold a wide variety of health plans through its own website for many years before the ACA was passed, as well as both on and off the Exchanges after the ACA took effect. For years starting with 2014, the data include ACA-compliant, non-employer-sponsored plans sold both on and off exchanges. It does not include premium subsidies, which in any case are available only to on-exchange purchasers with qualifying income.

The data allow us to break down the pre- and post-ACA changes by age, individual vs. family, and plan type. Overall, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) premiums actually decreased 4.6% in the four years before the ACA reforms came into effect (that is, from 2009 to 2013), but increased 46.4% in the first four years under the ACA. Point-of-Service (POS) premiums decreased 14.9% before the ACA, and increased a whopping 66.2% afterwards. Premiums for the more common Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans increased 15% in the four years before the ACA, and 66.2% afterwards.

In each case, the increases differed among age groups, with families headed by those under 30 and over 50 generally being hit the hardest by the ACA premiums increases. However, once we remove the self-sorting into different plan types, and average each age group and household type (i.e., family or individual), the results are very consistent – in the four years before the ACA, every age group and family type either experienced a premium decrease, or an increase of 9.2% or less. However, in the first four years of the ACA, every age group and household type experienced an increase of between 56.0% and 63.2%. For something as complex as health care, that’s a pretty narrow range. The dollar amounts of the increase varied from $2,524 for an individual between the ages of 31 and 40, to $12,040 for a family headed by someone over age 60. But the percentages are remarkably consistent: The ACA raised premiums by about 60 percent.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

No Deals

This has been said several times and i had not actually appreciated what this meant in terms of timing.  We have heard of the 13,000 + sealed indictments.  We have seen an increasing silence from the political class.  All this supports the idea that extremely serious interviews are been held and the indictees are getting their house in order for the inevitable. 

In the normal course of events we might get public disclosure followed by deal making in which the indictee agrees to some form of penalty to a lesser charge to avoid a trial on a far more serious charge and in the process lowering the overall costs involved.  This has always been unsatisfactory because the indictee gets on with his life damaged but with an acceptable cover story takes often ignores the true seriousness of the indictee's misdeeds.  More critically the public often never hears details it needed to understand.

Those 13,000 + indictees need full disclosure in order to stop cold any form of apologetics getting underway.  Otherwise it must look like an arbitrary act of the State or can be painted that way.  Thus the very correct decision to have no deals.

Unfortunately this means preparing a full case with detailed affidavits and all that so that a complete indictment can be produced in which the real charges are laid out.  No misdemeanors here unfortunately.

The reason it was possible to file so many indictments is that it came from processing NSA surveillance data that laid out the networks involved in criminal wrongdoing. In short you have prima facie direct evidence of the crimes along with circumstantial confirmation, but you will not have collected the testimony of pertinent players involved all of which needs to be processed and prepared for your submissions.

Even then the most important must be tackled with even greater attention to detail.  All this takes a lot of time. For that reason, we still have a lack of public action.  They really want the bulk of those disclosure documents in place before that happens.

In the meantime, they all know that the jig is up and cooperation their only viable option.  A little delay allows them all to get over themselves and prepare.

I do need to add one thing.  This mass of pending arrests must be mostly around pedophilia.  Plenty of other political crimes have also been observed but all require different agencies to be engaged and much more specialist investigation.  Those indictments will tend to dribble in. Because they were so public, it is unreasonable to  assume no investigation as well.  Folks do know their duty particularly were the administration has their back.

12 Foods with Hidden Sugars: #7 Is a Real Eye Opener!

The harsh reality is that processing food in order to preserve it for sale will seriously degrade the flavor and the go to for manufacturers for a century has been to simply add sugar.  Thus any thing in a package will have some sugar.  It may be very little but it is still there.

Proof of that need is stevia which is a wonderful sweetener on its own.  However it will also leave an off taste that you do not want.  Yet adding a little sugar solves that problem.

Thus we have the commercial solution which throws in a little sugar to provide that offset as well as to provide a pour consistency as well.   It is still a vast improvement over a pure sugar solution and easily slashes sugar intake to a quarter.  This matters as just drinking several cups of coffee a day will put a quarter of a cup of sugar into you.  Using this will easily drop you to a couple of teaspoons.  This is hugely beneficial.

12 Foods with Hidden Sugars: #7 Is a Real Eye Opener!

Our body does need sugar in order to create energy, but this can come from carbohydrates which are broken down in to sugars in the body. We do not necessarily need refined sugars that can be detrimental to our health and to our teeth. Bacteria thrives on sugar, and bacteria in the mouth from eating and drinking sugar can lead to tooth decay. Sugars are hard to avoid especially for those with a sweet teeth. But even if you manage to avoid sugary foods like desserts, pastries and soft drinks, you may be unexpectedly ingesting sugar in foods you wouldn't normally think to have sugar in them.
When reading this article, keep in mind that according to the AHA the recommended daily intake of added sugars for men is 37.5 g (9 teaspoons) and for women is 25 g (6 teaspoons). Here is a list of some sneaky foods you may not have known to contain sugar:



Ketchup has become a staple condiment in restaurants and households alike. We seem to find new food items to squeeze it on to all the time. Kids love it, adults love it, but they may think twice about using it so generously. Ketchup contains 4 g of sugar in 1 tablespoon. That is roughly 25%. And let's be honest, when we sit down to a plate of fries, do we only dab 1 tablespoon worth of Ketchup on our plate? More like double or triple that.


Oats are a great addition to your breakfast and on their own are an incredible source of manganese, vitamin B1, fiber and protein to name a few. They help to lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease, coronary heart disease and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Having a diet high in fiber is important and with oats it can be a yummy way of getting that fiber. 

If we look at prepared packages of instant oatmeal however, there can be a high amount of added sugar in that package. Make sure you look at the package ingredients before you buy. It might be best to stick to the plain kind and add your own sugar or a natural syrup like maple syrup so that you know how much sweetener is going into your oatmeal.


Like ketchup, sauces are highly sweetened for the same reason, enhance the flavor and keep people coming back for more. These days it is difficult to find a pasta sauce at the supermarket that doesn't have sugar in it. Yes it does add flavor, but if you're wanting to avoid sugar is it really necessary?


You may be asking yourself, why would dried fruit even need added sugar? Isn't it already sweet enough? Dried fruit is already quite sweet, but it's true that some companies are adding sugar to dried fruit and we need to start looking at ingredients on the packaging to avoid this unnecessary use of sugar. My guess is that the fruit that was dried ripened with a tart taste rather than that fully ripened sweet taste you would expect. It ends up being more suitable in the candy aisle than the fruit aisle.


According to the USDA, a 5 oz glass of white wine contains 1.4g of sugar. The drier wines contain less sugar. 1.4g of sugar in a small glass of wine can really add to the recommended daily amount suggested by the AHA. Dessert wines have even more so when trying to avoid sugar, go dry and go red.


Some cereals like cheerios and rice krispies do not appear to be sweetened like corn pops for example. Sugar is the third ingredient in cheerios and contains 1 gram of sugar per 1 cup serving. Sugar happens to be the 2nd ingredient in rice krispies. This is a good example of how something can contain added sugars and yet not noticeably taste sweet.


Yes, iodized salt can contain sugar. I did not believe this when I first heard it until I grabbed my box of salt and scanned over the ingredients. It can be labelled as dextrose. Dextrose is sugar. It is added to salt in order to prevent potassium iodide from oxidizing and being lost. Luckily, it is not added in significant amounts but I still go for the pure salt.


Even if you purchase plain yogurt, you are surprisingly not avoiding sugar. Sugar naturally occurs in yogurt. It of course depends on the kind of yogurt you buy: Low fat tends to be higher in sugar. Regular yogurt can contain between 12 and 15 grams of natural sugar. Greek yogurt comes out on top at around 6 grams. The nutrition label will have this information for you. The naturally occuring sugars are not normally a concern but this is helpful information if your overall goal is avoiding sugar of any kind.


Bread is something we typically use for our kids lunches nearly everyday. One large slice of white bread contains 1.5 g of sugar, so double that for 1 whole sandwich. A large slice of multigrain contains even more. Opt for regular brown bread or rye bread.


Low fat does not equal low sugar. In fact low fat foods often contain more sugar to make up for lost taste and texture, even the savoury ones. Lets take a look at a Starbucks classic blueberry muffin from this UK study for example. The lower fat version of the blueberry muffin contained 1.5 teaspoons more sugar than the classic. The study found that on average, low fat foods contained 20% more sugar than their full fat counterparts.


Not only salt is used to enhance the flavor of soups, but sugar as well. If you buy canned soup, a portion of that purchase is going to sugar. A 1/2 cup serving of Campbells tomato soup condensed has 12 grams of sugar, the same amount of sugar as 2 donuts! Try experimenting with making your own soup so you know exactly what's going into it.


Corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup
Dextrose or crystal dextrose
Evaporated cane juice or fruit juice
Carob syrup
Brown sugar
Raw sugar
Dextrin and maltodextrin
Rice syrup
Evaporated corn sweetener
Confectioner’s powdered sugar
Coconut palm sugar
Black strap molasses
Agave nectar
Other fruit nectars (for example, pear nectar)

I always try to purchase products that are unsweetened. If it really does need some flavor enhancement, then I can add my own sugar in the form of a natural syrup, honey or organic sugar so that I can add very little; just enough to satisfy my palette without overdoing it or none at all.

As you can see, we are still eating and drinking sugary products whether we are aware or not. No matter how much sugar you intake, it is still important to save those pearly whites by taking good care of them. And don't forget that all-important dental checkup!

If you've spotted any foods with hidden sugar, let us know in the comment section!


Doctors' Prescriptions Remain a Key Driver Behind Opiate Addiction


First, we have a non addictive product in canniboids and those have been now properly concentrated and metricized allowing properly controlled usage.  Thus we can outright dump opiods in all forms and retain only as an option for the operating room.  That is sensible.

We must stop introducing opiods to a trusting population in all its forms. 1,600,000 incidental addiction is not a minor issue and the entire cost needs to be charged back to the pharmaceutical industry whose ability to ignore collateral damage is legendary.

 In the meantime the criminal cabal under the CIA has flooded the supply chains with no end of impure product leading to accidental death by risk taking desperate addicts.  It is time to stop promoting this criminal enterprise.

Doctors' Prescriptions Remain a Key Driver Behind Opiate Addiction

Mark Thornton

Dr. Sally Satel argues in an Op-ed for Politico that the narrative that medical doctors and pharmaceutical drug producers and distributors have caused the Opioid crisis is false. She finds that “contrary to popular belief, it is rarely the people for whom they are prescribed. Most lives do not come undone, let alone end in overdose, after analgesia for a broken leg or a trip to the dentist.”

Her argument would appear to be supported by the abundance of evidence and research in her article. That appearance is deceiving. Her article is a textbook example of how the “facts” can be used to mislead.

Dr. Satel, who is a practicing addiction psychiatrist at a Washington methadone clinic, concludes that “we cannot rely on doctors or pill control policies alone to be able to fix the opioid crisis.” Her recommendations “deserve vastly more political will and federal funding than they have received.” According to Satel, “two of the most necessary steps, in my view, are making better use of anti-addiction medications and building a better addiction treatment infrastructure.” (Emphasis added) This would appear to reveal a naked and narrow self-interest of her methadone clinic, but that is unlikely to be her true motivation here.

For Dr. Satel the Opioid crisis is the fivefold increase in Opioid overdose deaths since 1999. However, she considers the idea that “the epidemic is driven by patients becoming addicted to doctor-prescribed opioids” to be a myth even though it has become “a media staple and a plank in nationwide litigation against drugmakers.”

She does admit that the number of Opioid prescription increased markedly from the mid-1990s to 2011 and that some people were addicted by those prescriptions. However, she counters that it is only a small minority and that “those who do become addicted and who die from painkiller overdoses tend to obtain these medications from sources other than their own physicians. Within the past several years, overdose deaths are overwhelmingly attributable not to prescription opioids, but to illicit Fentanyl and heroin.”

But those “facts” do not undermine the “narrative.” They support it. The number of Opioid prescriptions increased until curbs were instituted in 2011 and then the number of deaths from prescriptions leveled off and overdose deaths from street drugs skyrocketed.

It is clear that the population of addicts exploded with the vast expansion of opioid prescriptions and when addicts get cut off from prescription opiates they often turn to black market heroin and fentanyl, which greatly increases the potential for overdose. The graph below also indicates that the number of overdose deaths from prescription drugs is still more than 15,000 per year and the overall death rate accelerated through 2015.

Dr. Satel argues that the rate of addiction is extremely low and is often estimated to be less than 2%. This figure is based on an adult population of over 250 million of which 87 million used some form of Opioid prescription in 2016. The result is that approximately 1,600,000 people developed some form of “pain reliever use disorder.” That is a huge number.

What lies behind this very low “rate” of addiction could be largely the result of people being prescribed a very small number of pills (good doctors) or patients taking only a few, or none, of the pills (smart patients). Common sense would suggest that the more pills you take the more likely you are to become addicted.

Dr. Satel suggests that overdose deaths also often involve other medical problems and the use of other drugs, such as alcohol. She suggests that prescribed opiate drugs are also part of the problem because they are often “diverted” into the black market. This is all true and informative, but these are post-prescribing problems, that is, they are problems that develop after a doctor has prescribed opiates in the first place. 

None of Dr. Satel’s arguments and evidence undermines the narrative that doctor-prescribed opiates caused the Opioid Crisis. In fact, properly understood, her evidence supports that narrative.

Possible North Korea Talks With U.S. By Kanga Kong ,

Stepping back a bit, I do think that an agreement to merge North Korea with South Korea is in the works along the lines used by East Germany.  I do think that Trump made this his objective in Beijing and i do think that the NK leaders accepted the terms.

What we have now is working out the details and preparing the final agreement for all to sign in May.

The NK leadership will retire gracefully and a ten year transition will commence.  Certainly South Korea can afford this..

Possible North Korea Talks With U.S

By Kanga Kong ,
Jihye Lee , and
Nafeesa Syeed 

March 6, 2018, 3:15 AM PST Updated on March 6, 2018, 1:34 PM PST

Kim Jong Un, South Korea’s Moon, to meet for summit in April

U.S. intelligence chief ‘seriously’ doubts it’s a breakthrough

South Korea says North Korea is open to denuclearization. Bloomberg’s Peter Pae reports.

President Donald Trump signaled that he’s open to talks with North Korea after Kim Jong Un’s regime told South Korean envoys that he’s willing to consider giving up his nuclear weapons -- a potential breakthrough after months of bellicose threats from both leaders.

“They seem to be acting positively,” Trump told reporters Tuesday. “I’d like to be optimistic.”

At a press conference later, Trump said his tough stance was responsible for Kim’s willingness to talk, joking the overture should be credited to “me.” He also cited “biting” international sanctions against the Kim regime, particularly measures China has supported. “China can do more, but they’ve done more than they have for our country before,” he said.
Trump commented after envoys from Seoul said that Kim told them he was ready to suspend weapons tests and hold candid talks with the U.S. to normalize relations, if the safety of his regime was guaranteed, the South Korean government said Tuesday. In response, South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed to meet Kim for a summit along their shared border late next month.
 “Possible progress being made in talks with North Korea. For the first time in many years, a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned,” Trump said earlier Tuesday in a tweet. “The World is watching and waiting! May be false hope, but the U.S. is ready to go hard in either direction!”

The National Security Council didn’t immediately comment, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made no mention of the development in a speech in advance of a trip he’s making to Africa, even as he urged African nations to do more to isolate Kim’s regime.

A South Korean delegation plans to visit Washington soon to brief the administration on the meeting with Kim. U.S. officials are likely to press them for details in light of Moon’s continued optimism about the prospects for a diplomatic solution compared with the U.S.’s less sanguine approach.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Russian Archeologists Discover Sami Neolithic Shrines similar to Bronze Age NA Glyphs & Sun Rings

The one thing that must be clear by now is that movement across the North Atlantic has been completely feasible for tens of thousands of years.  It took special equipment to turn the North Pacific and that was possible after 20,000 BP.  However, in the North Atlantic it simply demanded open boats and fishermen.

That is important.  As well it was possible to go both ways in the North Atlantic with a modicum of sailing skill.  After all we are doing it to this day.  It is still a chance, but so what.  When you completed a days fishing and then returned to your home village to find it sacked by the local thug Tribe, you may well have had little choice.

What this also means is that those fishermen have known this for a long time if not forever.  After all, John Cabot arrived on the Grand Banks in 1505 to meet a Basque fishing fleet.  Columbus only introduced the Americas to the Crowned heads of an emerging European polity who had just consolidated their countries in living memory.  It is obvious that the sea peoples knew for a long time, and as a matter of fact from the Bronze Age on.

This information was always there but outright ignored simply because organized exploitation needed state sponsorship.  That clearly came with Columbus.


Posted by Richard Thornton | Mar 5, 2018 | DNA, Mysteries, News, Petroglyphs, Scandinavia | 4 |

Identical structures simultaneously appeared much later on the Peruvian Coast, Crete and southern Greece.

The Sami Stone Labyrnths are in region stolen from Finland during World War II by the Soviet Union.

People of One Fire member, Eric Dunn, sent us links to several articles in Russian anthropological journals, which are astounding. Links to these articles are listed at the bottom of this article. Most POOF readers, like myself, can’t read Russian, but the photos speak for themselves. I did find another Russian anthropological journal, which was translated into English. Basically, their archaeologists have discovered that the Sami once occupied a vast area of Northern Europe, but were pushed into the northern part of Scandinavia by Finnish peoples during the Late Neolithic Period and Germanic peoples in the Bronze Age. The Finnish DNA that Sami now carry is a result of admixture, not aboriginal.

These stone spirals and sun circles are a few hundred miles northwest of the region that the worlds leading geneticists at the University of København (Copenhagen) have recently identified as the “birthplace” of the hybrid peoples, some of whom became American Indians. They were the result of inter-breeding between western Asians and Pre-Indo-European occupants of Europe, probably related to the Basques.

When I first befriended genetics expert and POOF co-founder, Ric Edwards, in 2004, he had a heretical idea that would have gotten him laughed out of almost any academic conference. He believed that all indigenous Americans, except the Inuit, were the descendants of peoples, who evolved in the Americas from peoples, who migrated directly from western Russia over the Arctic Circle. He thought it was a major mistake by DNA labs to determine a person’s percentage of Native American ancestry by similarity to Siberians.

What’s the latest news? First, geologists told us that more sophisticated analysis of past climatic and geological changes had indicated that there was NEVER a direct land route from Siberia to southern Canada during the Last Ice Age. There was a vast region covering the Bering Sea and much of Alaska, which was ice free for 20,000 years during the height of the last Ice Age . . . BUT, there was no gap in the North American Ice Cap during the period when there was a land connection between Siberia and Alaska. All of the animals from the Americas such as horses and camels, who became Old World animals . . . and all the animals from the Old World, who became American animals such as mammoths, mastodons and pigs . . . crossed over a land bridge between the continents that existed a hundreds thousand years earlier. In other words . . . Homo Erectus and Denisovan Man could have walked all the way to North America, but Proto-American Indians could not have.

Then, the geneticists in Copenhagen tell us that the ancestors of Native Americans evolved in northwestern Russia from the intermarriage of Neolithic Europeans and western Asians. Their ancestors migrated from northwestern Russia then mixed in the New World to become American Indians. They were not closely kin to Eastern Siberians, Han Chinese or Japanese, but more closely related to the Ainu of Hokkaido Island, Japan and some Southeastern Asians.

Because they don’t own either globes or Muskogean dictionaries archaeology professors immediately then assumed that the proto-Americans hiked 7,000 miles eastward to cross over the land bridge rather than taking the much shorter and warmer route across Scandinavia. The problem is that there is no genetic or archaeological evidence of the indigenous Americans being in eastern Siberia. In fact, no Clovis Points have been found in Alaska. The Ice Age stone tools and weapons in ice cap-blocked Alaska look like their Siberian counterparts. The DNA of a couple of Late Ice Age skeletons in Alaska is the same as Siberian counterparts. In other words, the Siberians did wander back and forth across the dry land during the Ice Age, but there is no evidence that they ever got any farther.

A mysterious aboriginal people in Canada

Dr. Gordon Freeman of the University of Alberta believes that during the Neolithic Period the same peoples lived on both sides of the North Atlantic in Canada and Northwestern Europe. The strongest support for his theory is that “stonehenges” appeared in Alberta and some parts of eastern Canada about 500 years before they appeared in northwestern Europe. The spiral sunwheels near Hudson’s Bay and in northeastern Canada are absolutely identical to those created by the Sami.

Inuit hunters in the Canadian Arctic have long told stories about a mysterious ancient people known as the Tunit, who once inhabited the far north. Tunit men, they recalled, possessed powerful magic and were strong enough to crush the neck of a walrus and singlehandedly haul the massive carcass home over the ice. Yet the stories described the Tunit as a reticent people who kept to themselves, avoiding contact with their neighbors.

Canadian archaeologists have long assumed that the spiral stone structures were created by the earliest wave of Inuit peoples, even though the Inuit said that they were built by the Tunit. Anthropologists and archaeologists dismissed the Inuit tradition of the Tunit as laughable mythology. Four years ago geneticists found profound evidence that backed up the Inuit version of history, but strangely, none of this information has been used to revise the history textbooks that North American students are issued.

In a paper published during 2014 in Science, evolutionary geneticist, Eske Willerslev, and molecular biologist Maanasa Raghave, both of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, revealed that the earliest inhabitants of the Canadian Arctic . . . group that Canadian archaeologists have long called the “Paleo-Eskimos” . . . lived in isolation from their neighbors for nearly 4,000 years, refraining from any mixture with Native Americans to the south or with the ancestors of the modern Inuit. They were NOT either Inuits (Paleo-Eskimos) or Native Americans. This mysterious people completely disappeared about the same time that the Greenland Scandinavian colonies disappeared, and Northwestern Europe was being ravaged by the Bubonic Plague.

“Elsewhere, as soon as people meet each other, they have sex,” says Willerslev. “Even potentially different species like Neanderthals [and modern humans] had sex, so this finding is extremely surprising.”

The new study also proposes a previously unknown migration that apparently came across the Arctic Region from Northeastern Russia. It suggests that the Paleo-Eskimos entered the Arctic some 5,000 years ago. Research by other scientists has shown that the first Americans entered the New World at least 15,500 years ago, and that two smaller migrations of hunter-gatherers followed. Unlike other indigenous peoples in the Americas, the Inuit are closely related to their cousins across the Bering Sea in Siberia.

Sami spirals and labyrinths also found in Greece and Crete

Did the Labyrinth Culture spread southward from northern Scandinavia to the northeast Mediterranean Basin or did some Mycenaean Greeks migrate to Lappland during the Neolithic Period? Sami petroglyphs are identical to those on the island of Crete. The Sami stone spirals are currently thought by archaeologists to be older than those on Crete, which identical. In fact, the Neolithic petroglyphic portrayal of labyrinths on Crete literally became the “official state seal” of Minoan Civilization during the Bronze Age. During the 5th and 6th centuries BC, the petroglyphs above appeared on coins minted at Knossos on the Island of Crete. You go figure.

A Bronze Age spiral on the island of Crete

Classic Greek literature contains stories that we all learned in elementary school about King Minos and his labyrinth, where the Minotaur monster lived. Young men and women were led, blind-folded into the center of the labyrinth. They would be killed and eaten by the Minotaur, if they didn’t figure out a path of escape.

Whatever the direction of cultural ideas and peoples between Lappland and Greece, these discoveries certainly confuse the analysis of DNA carried by indigenous peoples in the Americas, especially the Uchee of the Southeastern United States, plus the oldest ethnic groups in Peru and Ecuador. Spiral motifs appeared very early among the peoples of Georgia and Peru. There are spiral fieldstone shrines in western Peru, which are identical to those in Sami Land. There well may have been spiral stoneworks in Georgia, which were destroyed by later indigenous immigrants or by white settlers. Now you know how all those “weird DNA markers” appeared in your DNA test!

To read the articles on the Sami Stone Labyrinths in Russia, go to:

Why Is the GOP Terrified of Tariffs?

Why Is the GOP Terrified of Tariffs?

First off we have been brainwashed into eschewing tariffs.  That alone should inform us that it is time to revisit this topic.

The long term trend is toward a global currency and wage parity for all of us. we are not there by a long shot, but so called globalization was massively narrowed the gap. {Properly eliminating global poverty will finish the job.

I do agree that tariffs are the wrong tool to pay for government.  However they are the right tool to counter unfair trade in particular and imbalances brought on by the application of capital and government subsidies. For example we all should slap tariffs on USA agricultural products because of agricultural subsidies and the same holds true for EU agricultural products.    It may also be easier to simply block market access in whole or in part.

All tariffs and trade policies need to have a ten year decline built in, provided an arrangement can be made with the parties involved.

I have said tis before, the easiest way forward is to impose a VAT and split it with the States along with the universal medicare program..

Why Is the GOP Terrified of Tariffs?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Tuesday - March 6, 2018

From Lincoln to William McKinley to Theodore Roosevelt, and from Warren Harding through Calvin Coolidge, the Republican Party erected the most awesome manufacturing machine the world had ever seen.

And, as the party of high tariffs through those seven decades, the GOP was rewarded by becoming America's Party.

Thirteen Republican presidents served from 1860 to 1930, and only two Democrats. And Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson were elected only because the Republicans had split.

Why, then, this terror of tariffs that grips the GOP?

Consider. On hearing that President Trump might impose tariffs on aluminum and steel, Sen. Lindsey Graham was beside himself: "Please reconsider," he implored the president, "you're making a huge mistake."

Twenty-four hours earlier, Graham had confidently assured us that war with a nuclear-armed North Korea is "worth it."

"All the damage that would come from a war would be worth it in terms of long-term stability and national security," said Graham.

A steel tariff terrifies Graham. A new Korean war does not?

"Trade wars are not won, only lost," warns Sen. Jeff Flake.

But this is ahistorical nonsense.

The U.S. relied on tariffs to convert from an agricultural economy in 1800 to the mightiest manufacturing power on earth by 1900.

Bismarck's Germany, born in 1871, followed the U.S. example, and swept past free trade Britain before World War I.

Does Senator Flake think Japan rose to post-war preeminence through free trade, as Tokyo kept U.S. products out, while dumping cars, radios, TVs and motorcycles here to kill the industries of the nation that was defending them. Both Nixon and Reagan had to devalue the dollar to counter the predatory trade policies of Japan.

Since Bush I, we have run $12 trillion in trade deficits, and, in the first decade in this century, we lost 55,000 factories and 6,000,000 manufacturing jobs.

Does Flake see no correlation between America's decline, China's rise, and the $4 trillion in trade surpluses Beijing has run up at the expense of his own country?

The hysteria that greeted Trump's idea of a 25 percent tariff on steel and 10 percent tariff on aluminum suggest that restoring this nation's economic independence is going to be a rocky road.

In 2017, the U.S. ran a trade deficit in goods of almost $800 billion, $375 billion of that with China, a trade surplus that easily covered Xi Jinping's entire defense budget.

If we are to turn our $800 billion trade deficit in goods into an $800 billion surplus, and stop the looting of America's industrial base and the gutting of our cities and towns, sacrifices will have to be made.

But if we are not up to it, we will lose our independence, as the countries of the EU have lost theirs.
Specifically, we need to shift taxes off goods produced in the USA, and impose taxes on goods imported into the USA.

As we import nearly $2.5 trillion in goods, a tariff on imported goods, rising gradually to 20 percent, would initially produce $500 billion in revenue.

All that tariff revenue could be used to eliminate and replace all taxes on production inside the USA.

As the price of foreign goods rose, U.S. products would replace foreign-made products. There's nothing in the world that we cannot produce here. And if it can be made in America, it should be made in America.

Consider. Assume a Lexus cost $50,000 in the U.S., and a 20 percent tariff were imposed, raising the price to $60,000.

What would the Japanese producers of Lexus do?

They could accept the loss in sales in the world's greatest market, the USA. They could cut their prices to hold their U.S. market share. Or they could shift production to the United States, building their cars here and keeping their market.

How have EU nations run up endless trade surpluses with America? By imposing a value-added tax, or VAT, on imports from the U.S., while rebating the VAT on exports to the USA. Works just like a tariff.

The principles behind a policy of economic nationalism, to turn our trade deficits, which subtract from GDP, into trade surpluses, which add to GDP, are these:

Production comes before consumption. Who consumes the apples is less important than who owns the orchard. We should depend more upon each other and less upon foreign lands.

We should tax foreign-made goods and use the revenue, dollar for dollar, to cut taxes on domestic production.

The idea is not to keep foreign goods out, but to induce foreign companies to move production here.
We have a strategic asset no one else can match. We control access to the largest richest market on earth, the USA.

And just as states charge higher tuition on out-of state students at their top universities, we should charge a price of admission for foreign producers to get into America's markets.

And — someone get a hold of Sen. Graham — it's called a tariff.

Bovine TB and an elephant in the room

 The elephant in the room is that we are pumping raw manure out on the fields during the growing season.  This has to change.

Traditionally we put the manure on the fields during the winter because it forms large clods of manure and straw.

The obvious fix is to apply the liquid manure immediately after the crops have been removed in the fall and before a surface tilling is applied to fix it into the soil completely. I would follow this with a second application in the spring during seed bed preparation.  Again we spray it on before tilling begins.  all this roughly six months apart and is ample spacing.  Pastures should not have the spring application at all.

One take home is that inoculation of wild carriers needs to also be addressed..

Bovine TB and an elephant in the room

March 3 at 5:54pm · 
From Brian May

Bovine TB and an elephant in the room.

So, as a farmer, why would you bother reading this? How could the views of a rock star on Bovine TB be worth squat? Especially a rock star who has been widely accused of caring more about the welfare of wild animals than the welfare of farmers? 

Well, it’s no secret that about 7 years ago I came into the beleaguered world of Dairy Farming intent on saving the lives of British badgers. I and my Save-Me CEO Anne Brummer pitched in, and after spending much time with farmers, vets, scientists as well as animal campaigners, we quickly realised that campaigning, petitioning, and shouting abuse wouldn’t help anyone. The first time I walked a grazing field with dairy farmer Jan Rowe in front of TV cameras I vowed I would make every effort to help find the truth about Bovine TB, and find a proper solution to this tragic farming problem in a way that was acceptable to all parties. So our mission has been to save not only the badgers but the cows and the farmers too. 

Seven years later, thousands of badgers have been killed, along with a cattle regime of test and removal, with infected animals identified with the TB skin test. It’s increasingly apparent to all but the last die-hards, that Britain, using these methods, is failing in the battle against bTB. 

In fact, our failure to effectively manage bovine tuberculosis in our farm animals and wildlife is a tragedy and a scandal. 

Farmers feel powerless to deal with this disease, being compelled to follow a policy which they know is inadequate to even control its spread, let alone eradicate it by the target date of 2038. Exasperated and frustrated, it’s no wonder that they vent their anger on the badger, in a witch hunt which has alienated farming from much of the public, who see this operation as barbaric, and a waste of taxpayers’ money. 

It’s actually a bit too glib to blame the farmers. And the witch-hunt analogy is not as specious as it might seem. It’s about beliefs. If in 2018 we believed that some women became possessed by the Devil, and brought blight to our crops, disease to our animals, and death to our children, and there was no way to safeguard all that we love other than burning these women at the stake, there is no doubt that we’d be doing just that. And we’d be saying “Well, we have to something … doing nothing is not an option”. Only when it becomes obvious that these burnings as a policy are not solving the problem would we stop and look for a different solution. The definition of an idiot, after all, is someone who keeps doing the same thing, and expecting a different answer. 

A recent paper by Brunton et al (ref) confirmed that after the first two years of this badger cull, it was not possible to confirm any overall improvement in the prevalence of TB in cattle when farms around the cull zones as well as inside them were included in the count. This was predicted by the conclusions of the RBCT report, on a government-backed experiment: the Randomised Badger Culling Trial concluded after 10 years during which 11 thousand badgers were killed, that “culling badgers can make no meaningful contribution to the control of bovine TB in cattle.” But the Powers That Be weren’t listening. They cherry picked bits of information out of context and thought they knew better. So badger killing, along with a notoriously inaccurate skin test in cattle, became the principal ‘tool in the box’ deployed in the fight against bovine TB. Is anyone really surprised that it’s not working? 

We at Save-Me felt it was time for a radical review of how we are tackling this disease, wherein all the interested parties could come together without prejudice and plan a practical, effective and popular way to control TB in both our cattle and badgers. Our recent successful seminar in December demonstrated the cooperation that is possible between what has been perceived as groups and interests with opposing views; an immediate result of the conference was the beginning of a consensus, and the novel scenario of animal campaigners and scientists cooperating with farmers and vets in new approaches. 

The fact that culling badgers has not solved the problem indicates that other solutions must be found. From now on, for the time being at least, it will be pointless to argue the issue of whether the contribution to cattle re-infection from badgers is small or non-existent. It makes perfect sense to control infection in badgers by vaccination, and look harder for mechanisms of infection within the herd. 

This is exactly the approach which has been adopted by West Country vet Dick Sibley on a Devon farm stricken by TB. For the last three years, we as Save-Me have been collaborating with Sibley in a project to eradicate TB, which has already achieved some success. The deal we struck was that Sibley identifies and eliminates hidden sources of infection in the herd, and we manage the badgers, by surveying them, vaccinating them and monitoring them. Disease levels in both populations are constantly monitored using novel tests which look for the TB pathogen itself rather than the animal’s reaction to it, which is how the current skin test works. 

As an aside it’s worth noting that until very recently we were unable to vaccinate the badgers because vaccine was in short supply world-wide. However, this did not preclude an effective TB control plan for the cattle herd, where the main source of infection resided; undetected and unrecognised. It soon became obvious that the problem was being propagated by infected cows, not infected badgers. Logical, robust controls applied to the cattle achieved great success in reducing the infection in the herd in the first couple of years, without any interventions with the infected badgers.

Why are Sibley’s methods succeeding where others have failed? Sibley has credentials as part of the team which successfully introduced and popularised Johnes Disease control a few years ago. He applies the same logic to bTB. He says :

“The common issue is the contamination of the environment with the infective organism, Mycobacterium bovis, which poses a biosecurity risk to both cattle and wildlife. So rather than polarising the debate around the culpability of the badger in creating this risk, we need to look at the bigger picture and see where this environmental contamination may be derived, and how we can manage it. The use of novel, more sensitive TB tests has shown that there is a reservoir of infection in both the adult cow herd and the badger population around the farm. We consider that the cattle problem is far more significant than that of the badgers, but fully accept that both must be tackled effectively.”

But here we come to an elephant in the room. It’s called SLURRY. When we began our discussions with Dick Sibley, one of his first admonishments to us was “How can I in all conscience ignore the possible risk from badger excrement in fields where we are growing crops for feeding the cattle?” We had to concede, and this is why we agreed to embark on badger vaccination. But in looking around the farm for possible sources of infective organisms, we naively asked the question “What happens to the slurry?” 

We discovered that, twice a year, three and a half thousand tons of cow excrement are pumped out on to the fields where maize is being grown for feed. Is the slurry processed first? No – it’s raw, and this might be OK if there were no infected and infectious cows shedding into this reservoir. But Sibley’s enhanced testing regime had proved that there were just such undetected animals in the herd. Sibley did the maths on probable levels of the infective organism on those maize fields. The levels are hundreds of times greater than could be caused by the small (and localised) badger latrines. Little wonder that the badgers got infected. But the cows are also eating infected food. Worse – on some farms the same slurry is actually pumped into the fields where cows are grazing! Worse still, some farmers are pumping slurry from other farms on to their fields. And worst of all, perhaps, where does this slurry end up? In the water courses, heading down the valley to the next farm. In future years, I believe people will say, incredulously, “… and they still thought it was the badgers ? !”. 

There’s a lot to think about here, but I now believe that despondent talk about “there’s no silver bullet” will soon be considered out of date. A solution must and will be found, and we will NOT have to wait til 2038. The solution will be found in the herd. 

And for now ? No more mud slinging. Just constructive cooperation towards a REAL solution to the problem of bovine TB. And no more badger killing. The witch hunt is no longer supportable as a solution. 

By Brian May Save Me Trust


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