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The Viking Serpent: Serpent Worship, Sacred Geometry, and Secrets of the Celtic Church in Norway

Borgund Stave Church (Eduardo/CC BY-SA 2.0), pentagram, Vitruvian man, and serpent
 The huge take home here is that the Celts were in the habit of organizing habitations along artificial geometry.  We have seen plenty of this going back past Stonehenge but little understanding of why.

 The choice of the pentagon is interesting and needs to be confirmed elsewhere as well.  This could turn out useful in terms of additional discoveries.

The particular importance of Glastonbury is also cleared up here..

The Viking Serpent: Serpent Worship, Sacred Geometry, and Secrets of the Celtic Church in Norway

9 July, 2017 - 19:06 ancient-origins

Dan Brown wrote The Da Vinci Code, inspired by Henry Lincoln and his two co-authors’ The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. The Norwegian researcher Harald Boehlke was inspired by the same book. Lincoln’s tantalizing bait was religion and sacred geometry—specially the sacred pentagram.

In the opening scene of The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown featured a dying man who had inscribed a pentagram onto his stomach with his own blood. Religion, Sacred geometry, and suspense were the ingredients that kept audiences spellbound. But, it was mainly fiction.

A pentagram image was found on the body.

A pentagram image was found on the body. (Public Domain)
What Harald found, however, is not fiction. In researching Norway’s Viking history, and Norway’s conversion to Christianity, he was led to profound discoveries. These surpassed by far even the astonishing geometry discovered on the blood-soaked soil of the Languedoc area of southern France, where the gnostic Cathars had been killed by the thousands by The Catholic Church and The Templars had many of their strongholds.

A completely different story regarding Norway’s conversion was revealed, rather than the hitherto accepted one. Harald discovered what is now called The Norwegian Pentagram, and other enormous geometric patterns with symbolic measurements, constructed with the help of cities built during the conversion years (ca.900-1130) to act as markers. And lo and behold, it was seen that Norway had not been converted by the Roman Catholics as had always been the accepted story.

Astonishing Discovery of Sacred Geometry and Ancient Symbols

The pentagram is for many a mysterious, foreboding, fateful and intimidating symbol. The Catholic Church must take credit for turning the pentagram from a symbol of the sacred feminine to a symbol of the devil. But the pentacle's demonic interpretation is historically inaccurate.

It has had many meanings in many cultures, tracing back in time many thousand years. The use of 1.618, called the Golden Section, or Golden Mean in sacred architecture is prevalent throughout Europe.

Pythagoreans considered the pentagram an emblem of perfection or the symbol of the human being. In a way, you might say it is the fingerprint of God. The pentagram incorporates the Golden Section 1.168. It is constructed using this number, and this number only. It can be said the pentagram is the visualization of the Golden Section 1.618.

The REAL Da Vinci Code: Vitruvian Man. The proportional relationship of the parts reflects universal design.

The REAL Da Vinci Code: Vitruvian Man. The proportional relationship of the parts reflects universal design.  (Public Domain)
This number is a large part of Holy Geometry. It permeates creation; It defines the spirals of a Nautilus shell, snowflakes, the galaxies, honeycombs. It is in many ways the number of creation as it is also mirrored in the proportions of the human body.

After Harald’s discovery of the ‘Norwegian Pentagram’ – enormous geometric patterns with symbolic measurements, and ancient spiritual sites in Norway creating a pentagram across the landscape— a larger mystery now confronted him: who had placed this sacred geometry across the whole of southern Norway?

Norwegian Pentagram (From The Viking Serpent by Harald S Boehlke)

Norwegian Pentagram (From The Viking Serpent by Harald S Boehlke)
Who may have created a symbolic pentagram in Norway? (From The Viking Serpent by Harald S Boehlke)

Who may have created a symbolic pentagram in Norway? (From The Viking Serpent by Harald S Boehlke)
The sacred geometry was not limited to the pentagram. Studying the Sagas and other historical works led him to discover more geometry. Strange myths and fables that he had dismissed earlier suddenly seemed to make sense, leading to one exciting discovery after the other. The books The Norwegian Pentagram and its English translation The Viking Serpent came into being.

Startling History: Celts brought Christianity to Norway?

The research showed that the Celts brought Christianity to Norway, a fact that at best has been played down in our time of ‘enlightenment’. The important part the Celts played in the unification and christening of Norway has been hidden behind a veil pulled down by the Roman Catholic Church as they maneuvered into position within Norway, as in the rest of Europe.

In the year 1000 CE, Norway was still a ‘heathen’ country, and contrary to popular belief, it was not the Roman Catholic Church that had struggled to convert the feared Vikings to Christianity. Abundant evidence was found that suggested certain groupings within the Celtic Church had converted the Vikings to Christendom instead. These were Gnostics from the Celtic Church, influenced by the serpent worshipping Ophites from Egypt and Syria who used the serpent as a symbol of Christ.

 [ This makes ample sense considering that England and Norway were then ruled by the Norwegians up until  1066 and then by the Normans who were also Norse as well.  arclein ]

After Emperor Constantine in 325CE sanctioned the Christian faith which believed Jesus being the son of god, the Gnostics, Arians, Ophites and other sects were persecuted and dispersed. The persecution of the Gnostics was mainly the work of the influential group that later evolved into what we today call the Roman Catholic Church.

The Serpent on the Cross - The Crucified Serpent, after an illustration in the notebook of Nicolas Flamel

The Serpent on the Cross - The Crucified Serpent, after an illustration in the notebook of Nicolas Flamel (CC BY-SA 4.0)
From the Middle East, the ideas and beliefs of the Gnostic Arians and Ophites disseminated towards the ‘outskirts’ of Europe. The Arians went as far north as the Iberian Peninsula, while the Ophites apparently found their way to the British Isles where, according to legend, St. Patrick was sent to Ireland to ‘guide’ the Celts back to the ‘true faith’. While there, he took time to banish all “serpents” from Ireland some time during the fifth century, apparently without too much success. It is interesting to note that there have never been serpents in Ireland. Patrick’s feat is therefore all the more interesting. The ‘serpents’ he attempted to banish were probably bipedal – those of the Celtic Church who revered the ‘serpent’ Jesus.

Stained glass window featuring St Patrick

Stained glass window featuring St Patrick (CC BY-SA 4.0)
The ‘snakes’ that St Patrick drove out of Ireland were the Druidic priests who had serpents tattooed on their forearms. Serpent altars from Cornwall England and  from Senhouse Museum, Maryport, Cumbria, England. (Source: Harald Boehlke)

The ‘snakes’ that St Patrick drove out of Ireland were the Druidic priests who had serpents tattooed on their forearms. Serpent altars from Cornwall England and  from Senhouse Museum, Maryport, Cumbria, England. (Source: Harald Boehlke)
Secret Arrangements, Religion and Kingmakin

From the ninth century, Norwegian Vikings had settled in the Celtic fringe of the British Isles. From the Orkneys in the north down through Northumberland, Cumbria and Wales as well as areas in Ireland, they made new lives for themselves, mainly as farmers and artisans (a fact that did not exclude the occasional ‘Viking raid’).

[ thus we have the kolbrin bible and its community brought into Cornwall from Lake Superior. arclein]

The heathen Norwegians came into contact with the Gnostic Celtic Church, who from 935-1015 CE, made secret arrangements and engaged in a joint venture with no fewer than three Vikings of royal descent intent upon ascending the Norwegian throne. The Viking kings-to-be made plans to unite Norway as one kingdom, with themselves on the throne. In return for Celtic monetary and administrative aid the Viking kings gave them ‘permission’ to pursue their own ambitions: to convert the Asatru pagans (ancient Norse religion) to Celtic Christianity. The Celtic Church was intent on using Christian magic to consecrate and conquer the land and its people, inaugurating one king and one religion. They traded their knowledge of how to pacify a rebellious population by introducing religion, piousness, and ecclesiastical laws enabling their Viking mentors to ascend the throne, and keep it.

The Celts first made contact with the son of the Norwegian Viking-king Harald ‘Fairhair’, the young Haakon. During the first half of the 10th Century, Haakon was brought up at the court of the Wessex king Athelstan.

Haakon ‘The Good’, son of Harald Fairhair

Haakon ‘The Good’, son of Harald Fairhair (Public Domain)
Monks from the monastery at Glastonbury had given Haakon his education, and upon the death of his father, Haakon returned to Norway with his Celtic helpers, conquered the throne, and began an enormous secret undertaking which was not to be revealed for a thousand years.

[ this opens another avenue of inquiry.  The Kolbrin could well contain Gnostic scripture itself.  However the lack of reference to Christianity makes this suspect. - arclein ]

After the death of Haakon (ca. 961 CE), the Celtic clergy cooperated with the famed Viking king-to-be, Olav Tryggvason and later with Olav the Holy. These three constitute the most renowned of the Norwegian Viking rulers.

Sacred Symbols, 666, and the Golden Ratio

When the Celts arrived in Norway, they founded cities and monasteries as sacred markers. They and their Viking collaborators removed old cities that did not fit into the sacred pattern—a pattern that resulted in a gigantic pentagram stretching across southern Norway.

The drawing of a man's body in a pentagram suggests relationships to the golden ratio. By Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, circa 1510.

The drawing of a man's body in a pentagram suggests relationships to the golden ratio. By Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, circa 1510. (Public Domain)
It was invisible unless one knew how to utilize the holy mathematical formulae of ‘The Golden Ratio’. Only the initiated knew it was there, and only the initiated could trace it using the monasteries and the five medieval cities of Norway: Nidaros, Tunsberg, Bergen, Stavanger and Hamar.

In The Viking Serpent, Harald demonstrates how they were all laid down according to the ‘Golden Ratio’.

Norway’s two round churches mark the two extremities of the main geometric marker line.   The resulting pentagram is inscribed in a circle measuring 666 miles in circumference - the number of the Beast symbolizing Christ as the serpent, as shown in the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts found in the Egyptian desert in 1945.

The Apocalypse of Peter: Gnostic Nag Hammadi text, circa 100 and circa 200 AD

The Apocalypse of Peter: Gnostic Nag Hammadi text, circa 100 and circa 200 AD (Public Domain)
These texts describe Jesus as the one “called the Beast” (From the Nag Hammadi Library: The interpretation of “the beast” is “the instructor.” For it was found to be the “wisest of all beings.”) Thus, the Celts introduced their Christianity to Norway, leaving behind a trail of serpent imagery. The Celtic clergy’s use of the ‘Number of the Beast’ reflects their occult use of ‘magic’ and their 

Serpents Abound

The saga writer Snorre Sturluson noted that king Olav (the third ally of the Celtic Church), on his return to Norway from the British Isles in 1015 CE, used the serpent as a symbol on his helmet and banner. In an old saga of which only fragments remain, the burial of St. Olav also reflects the number 666. The stave churches, unique to Norway, were built during these times.

Borgund Stave Church, Laerdal, Sogn og Fjordane County, Western Norway

Borgund Stave Church, Laerdal, Sogn og Fjordane County, Western Norway (CC BY-SA 3.0)
These churches were decorated with serpent imagery in abundance: woodcarvings of writhing coiling snakes climbing the portals, and from all gables one can witness – even today – serpents raising their heads with playing tongues.

Borgund Stave Church with wooden serpent architecture

Borgund Stave Church with wooden serpent architecture (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Additionally, the roofs and walls of these churches are covered with wooden ‘scales’ that seem to mimic serpent-skin.

Borgund Stave Church clad with what looks like scales

Borgund Stave Church clad with what looks like scales (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Another of the many interesting facts regarding Celtic influences is that the coastline of Norway boasts numerous large Celtic stone crosses. Norway is the only other country besides the ‘Celtic fringe’ on the British Isles that has such crosses.

Serpent carvings adorning the church portal (Kind permission from Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage)

Serpent carvings adorning the church portal (Kind permission from Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage)
Folklore Reveals Ancient Connections

Interesting too is the story of a Celtic princess, Sunniva, escaping barbaric ‘suitors’ by setting to sea in a frail Celtic wicker-and-hide craft. According to lore, she landed with her entourage on a small island on the fiercest part of the Norwegian coast and became Norway’s very first saint.

Medieval statue (dated c. 1200) Found in Urnes stave church, Luster, Western Norway, which may be St Sunniva.

Medieval statue (dated c. 1200) Found in Urnes stave church, Luster, Western Norway, which may be St Sunniva. (CC BY-SA 2.0)
On this same tiny inhospitable island on the fiercest stretch of the Norwegian coast, Norway’s first bishopric was erected in 1068 CE. In 997CE, the Celtic clergy and their second ally the Viking King Olav Tryggvason, founded the city of Nidaros, which was the capital of Norway for hundreds of years. It is interesting to note that Nidaros can be translated into the Gaelic language as meaning “old serpent wisdom”, ‘Neidr’ being serpent, and ‘ros’ being old knowledge.

The sacred geometry of Norway does not limit itself to the enormous pentagram: According to old legends, a certain Norwegian island called Sandøy, or ‘Sandy Island’ is connected to Scotland under the sea.  It just so happens that the northwestern upper point of the enormous pentagram falls upon a small island called Sandsøy, or ‘Sandy Island’. On this island, facing the sea, we find the Dollstein cave, which has an intriguing history.  Myths tell of treasures hidden in the cave, sought by the Orkney earl Ragnvald in 1127. Even myths about King Arthur are weaved into the island’s lore!

The sacred geometry in the landscape of Norway is so ingeniously contrived, it is difficult for us to understand how it was done. Certainly, the builders’ skills of surveying far surpassed anything historians have been willing to give them credit for. The Norwegian Pentagram and the Viking Serpent will undoubtedly prove to be important additions to our understanding of our forefathers’ skills and beliefs, as well as lifting the veil that the Christian church, historians and archaeologists have lowered over our eyes.

Harald S. Boehlke was born into a Norwegian diplomat family in Oslo, Norway in 1946, and has lived in five different countries. His main interests lie in archaeology, history and art—and shining a bright light on hidden mysteries. Harald is author of The Viking Serpent. | Visit TheVikingSerpent.com
Top Image: Borgund Stave Church (Eduardo/CC BY-SA 2.0), pentagram, Vitruvian man, and serpent (Public Domain); Deriv.

By Harald Boehlke

Red Eyes in the 'Devil's Punch Bowl'








 This is an unique story with no obvious comparable.  We seem to have an alien encounter like none otherwise reported as well as what sounds like the hounds of hell.

It is plausible that those hounds of hell were put in the minds of the observers to chase them out of there.  Otherwise the logistics make zero sense.  That it was also repeated years later informs us that this locale is useful for some reason not least because it is not occupied by humanity.

It also explains the name.  Obviously they are in the habit of running off intruders.  Pretty effective and who will tell that story except as an end of life report like this one.

Red Eyes in the 'Devil's Punch Bowl' 


Monday, July 03, 2017

I recently received the following account. This is a detailed update to a previously submitted account from 2014:

By Brian D. Birch - I must mention briefly in introduction that I have experienced the 'paranormal' ever since my life was 'saved' by a person in spirit when I was a boy just 'three and a half' years old during the 2nd World War. Since those days I have had 'countless' paranormal experiences one of which I relate here.

My first alien encounter took place here in the United Kingdom in the early hours of Sunday 4th January 1969. I was home on Christmas leave being in the Royal Marines and with one week remaining before I was to return to my barracks. My brother Rob also a Royal Marine was due to report back to his barracks at Portsmouth that very day, his fortnight of leave having commenced a week earlier than mine had now expired. So in effect Rob and I had spent just one week at home together when our brother Dennis visited us.

On that Sunday he offered to give Rob a lift back to his barracks on the pillion of his motorbike, an offer that Rob was only too happy to accept. As a fellow Royal Marine I was fully entitled to use Rob's railway warrant so I decided to take the train to Portsmouth and say my 'goodbyes' to Rob there and I would return with Dennis on the pillion of his motorbike. This was to alleviate the boredom I felt after a lovely Christmas break as well as wanting to spend some extra time with my brothers.

I duly arrived at Portsmouth & Southsea railway station. However, a problem had occurred on their journey and upon my arrival I had to wait some considerable time before Dennis showed up at the railway station. Apparently the front tyre of his motor-bike had sustained a puncture just outside the city of Portsmouth. It's repair had taken some time to effect and Rob had to take his leave of Dennis in order to arrive at his barracks on time which was no later than 'three minutes to midnight' after which his leave would have expired so sadly I did not have the opportunity to say my goodbyes to him.

Dennis and I made our way together from the station in the darkness, climbing the hill en-route to the lay-by where Den had parked his motorbike. The view of Portsmouth, looking down at the city from the top of the hill where the motorbike was parked remains vividly etched in my mind to this day, the view of the lit-up town being truly picturesque. Den's 250cc motor-bike, it's punctured tyre repaired, was in sight at last and Dennis sat astride his machine, kicked-down on the starting pedal and the engine roared into life. I climbed onto the pillion, Den opened the throttle and steering his machine onto the road, we then sped away noisily into the dark, bitter cold winter's night.

I encircled my brother's waist with both my arms, shielding myself from the bitter cold wind of that early January morning. I was lightly dressed and shivered in that icy-cold air. My 'civvies' were essentially summer clothes of light fawn trousers and lightweight jacket, all that I possessed other than my uniforms. Alone with my thoughts I clung to Dennis as we leaned into every bend of that twisting turning road, the A3. I vaguely recall the occasional village as we passed noisily through, each one deserted, no road traffic whatsoever. Such were the country roads during that period of 1959, unlike the dense traffic at all hours one seems to encounter at the time of writing this narrative.

Even the villages we passed through appeared 'sleepy' and I wondered, as we passed through whether the sound of Dennis's motorcycle maybe momentarily if rudely intruded upon the sleeper's slumbers. Thus occupied with such mundane thoughts as well as thoughts too of our parting with Rob and my own pending return to my Barracks just one week hence, thus was my mind occupied as we made our way homeward to Kingston Upon Thames. Eventually we were approaching the traffic lights at the cross roads at the small town of Hindhead, the traffic-lights were 'with' us and we continued our journey over the crossroads, approaching the circular route of that road that then meandered around the perimeter of the 'Bowl' shaped valley called 'The Devil's Punch Bowl'.

We had motored around most of this unusual beauty-spot and were about to leave it behind us when suddenly Dennis throttled-down and steered his motorcycle onto the grass verge that then fringed the deep 'bowl shaped' valley. He then cut the engine. Dismounting, I inquired of my brother "trouble?" Den replied "no, just thought we might as well stop for a breather and to "spend a penny!" It took a little time for the 'ghost' sound of the motor-bike engine and the slipstream to subside completely before the comparative silence then took it's place in our ears; then, another sound made itself heard.

It was quite loud and came from down in the Punchbowl itself. The sound, impossible to accurately describe, rose and fell eerily in an almost 'musical' series of echoing pulses. To describe it as 'strange' is in fact a gross understatement. It was truly a weird sound, impossible to explain except that it 'rose and fell' eerily and rhythmically and we were completely baffled as to its source. Undoubtedly it came from below where we stood, looking down into the Punchbowl itself. Unanimously, we elected to climb down, determined to discover the origin of that mysteriously eerie musical sound.

The initial 'thirty feet' or so entailed an undignified slithering down on our 'backsides' until we were able to advance on foot, progressing steadily deeper. There were scrub-like bushes around us and the ground I think was sparsely grass with areas of bracken covering either side of the narrow track and as we cleared the initial thirty yards or so the terrain sloped more gently and we picked our way further down into that 'bowl' shaped valley. After maybe some 'fifteen to twenty minutes' the ground sloped less steeply and with the stars to light our passage we continued to descend totally oblivious of the horrific 'events' set before us.

I recall that the stars were truly magnificent, seeming to glitter in the sky that early morning with the 'milky way' breathlessly visible as we shivered, picking our way carefully down towards the source of that strange 'musical' sound that was now becoming distinctly more mysterious, more eerie the closer we drew to it's source. I recall coming upon a track that ran 'left and right' of us, it was here that Dennis stopped, just in front of me. He turned to me and in a hushed voice he told me that he had a 'bad feeling' about this and that he felt we should 'turn back'. A feeling that I was likewise experiencing. I glanced back at the way we had come, the only light coming from the myriad stars in the heavens. I have no memory of moonlight however the light from the stars were in themselves bright enough for us to see where we were going. In fact I had seldom seen such splendour as that starry sky and the clearly defined Milky Way cutting it's swathe across the night sky. It was truly beautiful but at the same time that growing and inexplicable uneasy feeling had likewise encompassed me and looking back I was only too well aware that we had descended no small distance from where we had begun the descent. I shivered and readily agreed with my brother that we should perhaps make our way back to where his motorbike was parked.

That eerie, penetrating sound was by then seemingly louder and more ominous. Dennis was standing just ahead of me. There was tall scrub on either side of this track, quite high bracken. That eerie sound somehow, and this is difficult to adequately explain, felt like it was 'connected' physically to my body's nervous system. Then, before we had chance to begin a retreat, so that eerie 'musical' sound abruptly ceased! A brief pregnant silence ensued followed next by the sound of - and this again is difficult to portray in words - there came the sound of 'something' rising into the air. It was more like the sound of 'displaced air' than that of an 'engine' yet clearly audible as it rose just ahead of us and we were able to follow it's course of travel by sound alone. I dropped instinctively to my knees as Den did likewise.

We both sought to silhouette the airborne object against that backdrop of stars yet neither of us were able to see anything whatsoever. We were however able to 'follow' the sound path of what was obviously an 'invisible airborne object' first as it rose audibly into the air in front of us. It was a strange sound, utterly unlike anything we had ever heard before, a 'sound' that we were able to follow with our ears but not our eyes as it travelled off some distance, described almost a vast circle and then it came rushing back towards us to strike the ground with a resounding crash that ought to have been heard in the town of Guildford, some eleven miles away. The sound I likened to that of a large airliner crash-landing for there followed the unmistakable loud sound of a large 'metallic body' as it struck the bracken-covered ground and mowing-down small saplings it 'skidded' to a halt close to where it had 'lifted off' and to where we stood staring immobilized in that direction. The tall bracken and semi-darkness hid the area that this airborne craft had landed in front of our wide-eyed stares. It had actually seemed be completely invisible.

My mind was going crazy! The only explanation that presented itself to me at that moment being that it was, unbelievably a 'UFO'. The light was sufficiently bright that even a bird ought to have been seen flying against that back-drop of stars. We had however, seen nothing. But we didn't need to, the sounds alone painted a very clear picture. Vividly I remember the sound of foliage and light branches scraping loudly and ominously against a very obvious metallic body as the heavy, 'invisible' flying object 'crash landed' among that scrub and skidded loudly under it's inertia to stop maybe 'fifteen or twenty yards' in front of where we stood, gazing in disbelief. The distinct scraping sound of a light branch finally breaking free of that 'unseen' but obviously metallic and airborne craft imprinted itself indelibly in my mind.

A momentary silence ensued. Then, it started up again, that ominous, eerie 'musical' sound but now it was so loud being so close to where we stood that it was more ominous than ever. I felt like I had gone crazy. Already the word 'UFO' was pounding through my skull. I stared ahead, rooted to the spot as 'something' was now moving towards us through the scrub from the direction whence the UFO had come to a standstill. I had not the slightest doubt as to what that 'flying object' was, in spite of us not actually 'seeing' anything! My eyes were transfixed on where 'it' had come to that undeniable standstill. Now however it was but a few yards in front of us my eyes transfixed in that direction, my eyes riveted on what was undeniably approaching us. Then 'it' emerged, an enormously tall figure glided to where we stood transfixed in disbelief.

This 'thing' was floating about two or three feet above the ground and the body was too dark to see much detail but the 'head' was plainly visible. It wore an elongated helmet, stood about 'eight to twelve feet' in height and in the upper center of that elongated helmet was a solitary 'green eye' about the size of a tennis-ball. This 'being' glided rather than walked and stopped but a yard in front of me. It was then that a second and identical floating figure with the same elongated helmet glided to a standstill next to the first figure. I was aware of a black 'skirt' that had distinct 'folds' lengthwise and concertina-like and seemingly 'bell shaped' with what looked like the fan-like folds that one used to see as the concertina-like entrance to 'lifts' seen in various large shopping centres.

I also became aware of a smell, a 'hot metal' like smell that was 'sickly'. I stood transfixed, rooted to the spot in paralyzed terror such as I had never known in my life before, I recall crazy thoughts raced through my mind in rapid succession. 'This can't be happening but it IS!' Thoughts of 'those in government circles' would not believe what I was witnessing right now. Where were they who would not believe what we were now confronted by? Where were those 'in government circles' now who would scorn our stories? Ignorant sceptics now curled up snugly in their beds slumbering and most certainly not here and experiencing what Dennis and I were experiencing.

In the interest of veracity I have sought to record as much detail as I could remember. Sheer terror and disbelief rooted me to the spot. The next memory that presents itself was an intense desire to 'look at another human being' and that was of course my brother Dennis. I attempted to turn my head to look to my 'left' at where my brother was standing. I was unable to move my body but I managed to turn my head albeit mechanically and slowly with considerable effort as my body was cataleptic. As I got my head around to look to my 'left' I saw to my further shock that I was alone. Dennis was not with me! The shock of this realization resulted in 'feeling' returning to my legs. Shaky, trembling feelings but feelings nevertheless. The adrenaline 'overflow' that had temporarily immobilized my limbs now lent strength to my body and with my head and eyes fixed in the direction that Dennis had been standing for I knew that if I looked again at those two entities I wouldn't get away. I ran in blind panic-stricken terror, totally unaware of where I was running to. All that was in my mind was to distance myself from those two 'horrors' that I knew beyond any doubt were aliens! As I fled I was aware of high-pitched screams. Did those screams come from me? This Royal Marine who had formally feared nothing?

This Royal Marine who excelled in the boxing arena? I fear the answer to that question could only have been 'yes!' Or was it in fact the screams of my brother screaming for me to run? I do not know. I caught up with my brother unbelievably at the base of that steep thirty-foot incline and with hands clawing at the ground to scale that final steep climb up towards his parked motorbike. As I scrambled desperately I was expecting to be seized from behind, sure that 'they' were in pursuit and would not permit us to escape. Suddenly I spotted my brother just above me. I soon drew level with him and we both scrambled feverishly up the last of that incline together. I was slipping down a foot for every three that I made 'upwards' but at last I was at the top as Den leapt astride his motorbike and kicked the start-pedal down. The engine roared into life, I leapt onto the pillion as Den opened the throttle and away we sped.

I clung tightly to my brother's waist as we sped along that deserted road. I still feared being seized from behind. Eleven miles or so further on, just short of Guildford town, Den steered his machine into the kerb where a tall ash-fence ran parallel to the road. We alighted from the motorbike and collapsed on our haunches against that ash fence. One of us was saying loudly "what in God's name was it, what in God's name was it" I believe those words were voiced by me. Strangely, I remember nothing more of what followed.

Not the rest of the journey home, not my farewell to my brother who lived in Feltham Middlesex a further 'thirty minutes' drive away and neither have I any memory of returning to my barracks. I do remember however that I couldn't bring myself to visit or to even contact my brother for some three years following that encounter, so angry was I with him for 'deserting' me down there in that Punchbowl. It was only upon hearing that Dennis was ill and lying in an isolation hospital in Feltham, close to death in fact, that had softened my hardened heart.

Dennis had contracted Hepatitis C. This dangerous illness had caused some of his fellow workers at Heathrow Airport to succumb and Den all but died himself. He was much later to explain that he had thought, when he ran, that I was behind him. Before he gained the foot of that incline, already high up that steeply sloping escarpment, he looked back and to his horror saw me standing before the two 'entities' that towered over me and worse still (he said) was the 'thousands of pairs of red eyes' that moved at incredible speed across the ground and had all but encircled me. Den realised that he had to escape to explain what he believed would inevitably result in my 'abduction' for he was convinced I'd not escape. His surprise to discover me alongside him as he clambered up that steep incline, he relayed to me many times over the ensuing years. I myself had not seen those 'red eyed' alien creatures bearing in mind I was in a state of sheer terror and was looking only ahead as I ran in blind panic to reach safety. I had not looked back.

Had Dennis gained the top of that steep incline before me (he told me) he would have mounted his motorbike and fled the scene. Only my super fitness as a Royal Marine backed by my intense fear, accounted for my having caught-up with him at the foot of that final steep incline above which was the road and his motorbike. That and the good fortune I had of effecting an escape when I'd no conscious idea of the direction in which I was blindly fleeing. I had only one thought, to put as much distance between myself and those two entities. I did not clearly see the bodies of those aliens but their helmets and 'skirt like' lower body I most certainly did. The elongated, helmets that looked like glass visors with a LED-like solitary 'green eye' where perhaps the face might have been, within that helmet. L.E.D's (Light Emitting Diodes) were not known then so far as I understand but today that is my impression of what the helmet was like. Some years later I asked Dennis to make a drawing of what he had seen.

That drawing depicted exactly what my memory was of those two alien 'beings'. I had the distinct impression that I was fortunate in not seeing the actual faces behind the glass helmets else maybe the shock would have been greater. Both figures were identical and I 'vaguely' recall a 'sickly odour' but maybe this was somehow due to my own fear, because I was terrified out of my mind and I have heard that 'fear' has a smell. Maybe it does - maybe it doesn't, I can only relate events as they occurred and my reaction to them.

That which I have written is a true account that in spite of occurring some 'fifty eight' years ago to my writing this narrative, nevertheless the memory remains firmly entrenched in my mind to this day. I did subsequently question my brother on what he had experienced that early January morning. He told me the events roughly in line with my own apart from one factor. He told me that when he turned to look back from his higher vantage point he saw 'hundreds of pairs of small, red-eyed creatures moving at rapidly in a closing-circle within which to surround me'. In fact, he said, these 'red eyes' had almost formed a circle around me and he knew that he wouldn't see me again and had to explain what had taken place. He was utterly surprised when I caught him up at the foot of that steep incline above which was parked his motorbike. My Royal Marine fitness fueled by sheer terror was without doubt to be thanked for that narrow escape from probable abduction.

An interesting footnote to the above story may not be amiss here in it's relevance to the above. We must now come forward some eleven years or so to 1970 . It will come as no surprise to the reader that subsequent 'vigils' to the Hindhead Punch Bowl should prove 'inevitable.' Such visits were undertaken with much caution and would take place usually between the hours of darkness and dawn the following morning. Brother Raymond accompanied me on one particular night. It is worthy of note that Dennis and his family had emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1969. Raymond shares with us brothers an interest in the 'paranormal' as we refer to such matters.

Numerous visits have been undertaken to Hindhead over the ensuing years and the majority of visits have proved nothing more exciting than 'good company' and a several hour vigil supplemented with sandwiches and coffee. One night however, 'several' years ago, Raymond and I made a late night visit to the Punch Bowl 'eleven years' after that fearful night in early 1959. However, we elected to 'explore' the heath-land directly opposite the Devil's Punch Bowl, to search for the 'stone cross' marking a spot that overlooks the beautiful Surrey Downs towards Dorking, a spot where three vagrants waylaid an innocent sailor travelling to Portsmouth back in the 'sixteen hundred's'. The hapless sailor was murdered and his clothes taken to a nearby place and sold. The three murderers were apprehended and subsequently hanged on the hill nearby and a stone-cross marks the spot of the former gibbet where they were hanged. Their last view of this physical world being the beautiful Surrey hills.

Raymond and I arrived there in our brother Rob's car that we had borrowed. We left the vehicle in the car-park close-by and set off for the late night walk to the stone-cross. On this, the opposite side of the A3 road to the Punchbowl, runs a narrow gravel pathway along which we made our way. I carried a 'twelve-bore' shotgun that was in three sections within it's case as I had planned on doing some rabbit-shooting the following morning.

We walked along the track in silence, a tall pine-wood stood to our 'left and right' as we walked. Suddenly, without warning there burst upon our ears unbelievably, that same 'sound' that had enticed Den and I down into that 'bowl back in 1959. The 'sound' of an unseen object passing low over our heads from our 'right' and heading down into the Punchbowl itself. The loud musical sound emanating from this invisible flying 'object' was extremely loud and pulsating and in a split second I found myself on my knees yanking the shotgun from it's case. I was shaking violently. I had not heard that 'sound' since 'eleven years' earlier when Dennis and I met those two aliens. I was shaking with an intense feeling of fear mixed with excitement.

How many times had I reiterated my story to Raymond over the years. And now, unbelievably, eleven years later I was hearing it again and this time Raymond was my witness. In a state of extreme excitement we turned to retrace our steps. I had a portable tape-recorder in the car and I was bent on one thing, to record that unforgettable sound of the UFO. Invisible yet again and the noise virtually decibels in volume. My excitement was intense. Raymond at last had heard it for himself. Raymond, not an 'excitable' man at all, not prone to exaggeration and if anything quite the opposite, replied excitedly "I have never doubted your story Brian but hearing that sound for myself, well, it is not of this world!

My boundless excitement was targeted on where that UFO had just 'flown' to - down into the Punchbowl! We retraced our steps to return to the car-park and to our borrowed vehicle. I could barely contain my excitement as we nervously made up our minds to return to the car, collect our thermos-flask, pour ourselves a much needed coffee to 'steady our nerves' and then - we would follow on foot the A3 around the curved transit of the Punchbowl the place close to where Dennis and I had entered the 'Punchbowl that unforgettable night, eleven years earlier and where now, that 'same' UFO had undoubtedly landed all of 'eleven' years later. On reaching the car I put the shotgun into the boot, grabbed the flask of coffee and climbed inside the car and poured ourselves that welcome mug of hot coffee.

Impatient to set off, we made short work of our drink. However, our welcome respite was short-lived. We were suddenly and rudely interrupted by dazzling beams of light from behind where we sat in the car. For a moment I thought we were 'besieged' by the UFO. Instead, two police officers appeared and I wound down the window. They asked us what we were doing parked there? Never one to take lightly to intrusion or to police interference, I answered rather rudely I'm afraid, as the police officer and the 'special' opened the boot of our vehicle, without asking our permission. Free country? Well, up until then I had thought so! The police officers saw the shotguns. I was then accused of being an alleged cop-killer who was in fact already incarcerated.

At that time shotguns were available to possess without a license (oh happy days). The next thing we knew was another police vehicle arrived and more police officers poured out and Raymond and I were unceremoniously handcuffed and taken to Godalming police station where we were incarcerated in separate cells until 6AM the following morning after having spent some six hours in separate cells, we were then released without charge. Thus we missed a rare opportunity to record that 'weird musical sound' that Dennis and I first heard that unforgettable night when we came 'face to face' with aliens.

We had no 'real explanation' for being there at the Punchbowl at that late hour and I had no intention of explaining that we were there to 'look out' for UFO's. That explanation although authentic would no doubt have meant a longer detainment and a subsequent visit by 'men in white coats'. Thus we missed, Raymond and I, a great opportunity of recording on tape that weird, mysterious 'musical sound' emanating from what undoubtedly was a UFO. The same by all accounts that Dennis and I had encountered that unforgettable night eleven years earlier.

In retrospect maybe that was a blessing in disguise because knowing my enthusiasm and my 'adventurous' spirit I or we would almost certainly have ventured beyond our safety limit in my endeavour to capture the best possible recording and that would entailed a deeper descent into the Punchbowl at a time the UFO was without doubt 'down there'. An adventure that we may well have regretted. So, it is possible that 'police intervention' was 'Heaven sent' after all :) My story cannot end here because I had every reason to remember my brother Dennis's account of the 'hundreds and hundreds' of small, red-eyed creatures that raced at enormous speed across the ground to where I was standing transfixed, paralyzed with fright before those two giant alien figures.

The exact date was I think about 1966. The memory is otherwise vivid. My brother Jim and his family moved into Devonshire some two hundred miles away, in 1963. Their home became a regular holiday venue for my first wife Marion and our daughters Caroline and sons Brian (junior) and Stephen our youngest. I would spend countless hours taking Jim and his son Jim junior 'ghost-hunting' at Buckfastleigh - another creepy 'catalogue of paranormal experiences' took place there. We would also drive to Okehampton and onto wild Dartmoor.

One particular night-drive to Okehampton I drove onto the Northern moor by way of a newly-constructed service road that led to infamous Cranmere Pool - a place that we were particularly keen to explore. It was the first time of driving on that road which was built of concrete and would entail parking at the furthest point some fourteen miles distant after which a trek of a further few miles would be necessary to reach reputedly 'haunted' Cranmere Pool. 'Bengie' was the reputed ghost of Cranmere Pool. On that night we had driven onto that service-road rather late out of Oakhampton.

Looking ahead as I drove we had noticed a strange bright semicircle of white light behind the top of a distant tor. A tor being a rocky outcrop of what many thousands of years ago were mountains of granite, long since eroded. Curiosity got the better of us and I drove along that concrete road heading drawing ever closer to the puzzling distant circle of light around that tor ahead of us and to our 'right'. It proved driving for there was no place where we would be able to pass any oncoming vehicles should we encounter them.

Such was exceedingly unlikely at that hour, more so as the moor was desolate and that road led to the 'middle of nowhere'. As I drove towards that distant circle of white light an inexplicable sense of danger came over me. It was my 'sixth sense' (this had served me countless times in the past). I said nothing to my older (equally 'psychic' brother) who sat next to me. Christine, Jim's daughter was sitting immediately behind me, she must have been about 'fourteen' at the time. Young Jimmy the eldest of his children was also in the car. The feeling of unease persisted and grew more intense as we gradually covered the miles on that narrow road which was literally just wide enough for my Ford Consul and I saw no place where it would be possible to do a reverse-turn due to the steep drop-off from that road onto the peat moor and this made me feel exceedingly 'uncomfortable' but I said nothing to my older brother as I searched for a suitable spot to stop and to view that mysterious white light behind the pinnacle of that tor. I was only too aware that the road ended in a 'lollipop' shape at the very end, some fourteen miles I believe, further along that road. This was the only place where one could reverse-turn a vehicle in order to drive back. A strange foreboding resulted in silence now replacing our hitherto light-hearted conversation.

As we continued along that eerie road, getting closer and closer to where we would be level to that that now even more eerie white arc of white light behind that tor, looking for all the world like a giant halo. What could it be? No noise emanated from that direction.

It was certainly not a helicopter and no vehicle could possibly climb that steep, deep crater-filled, boulder strewn and bog littered moor. My skin began to crawl, a sure sense of 'danger' was making itself known when Jim's voice interrupted the hitherto silence "Bri? I have a bad feeling about this place, I think we should turn back?" So, my brother was aware of this also? I didnt reply, I was searching the road ahead and the very prominent 'drop off' that effectively prevented me from executing a much wished for 'reverse turn'. I said nothing and again, after a couple of further minutes Jim repeated his suggestion that we should 'turn back'. His repeated advice, impossible to follow caused me to lose my temper in sheer frustration and with a steely tone to my voice I shouted to my brother that there was no f****** place where I could reverse to turn the car around. This was a Ford Mk 1 Consul 1600cc vehicle. The road was constructed of some eighteen inches thick of concrete that stood proud of the surrounding moor and I was unable to execute a reverse-turn as the road was so narrow and the 'drop off' onto the moor was deeper than the radius of the wheels so that the car chassis would thus be in contact with the road and the wheels thus suspended.

I stared helplessly at the swarms of 'red eyes' now bearing rapidly down upon us. No way could they be animals. No animal runs at such speed in the dark on that 'bolder strewn' and bog-infested and deep gullies that abound on that moor. Besides which those 'red eyes' were so vast in number that they appeared like a swarm of many hundreds upon hundreds if not thousands. No creature could move at such speed especially in the dark over such a dangerous terrain. Already thoughts sprang to my mind as to what Dennis had seen in vast numbers that moved swiftly across the ground down in that Punch Bowl.

I hadn't seen them but Dennis had. Now however, I realised that what I was seeing was what Dennis had seen. Still I said nothing because I knew only too well that panic would take place. Momentarily I was tempted to get out and to run the nine miles back to Okehampton but I knew I could not outrun the speed of those 'red eyed' entities. Besides, I couldn't leave my young niece Christine or nephew Jimmy either. I sat there in helpless silence as Jim and Jimmy having exited the vehicle sought to lift the rear wheels back onto the road, I said nothing of my mounting fear but my heart was beating alarmingly.

Then Jim said "let me out Bri and I'll find a safe place to reverse". I stopped to let Jim out and drove slowly behind and keeping pace with him, my eyes constantly drawn to that tor which was now considerably closer I knew only too well what that terrain looked like off the road. My thoughts were interrupted by my brother "here Bri, you can reverse here!" I looked at the drop-off, it looked far too much of a 'drop' to try a reverse-turn. We would surely be suspended on the chassis with the wheels suspended out of contact with the surface of that narrow service-road. Jim insisted "no it's alright you can do a reverse here!" Against my better judgement but exceedingly uneasy by then, I reversed the car with the steering-wheel as hard 'left' as space would allow.

A sudden loud crash ensued and true to my better judgement the car was now suspended on it's chassis, the wheels spinning helplessly out of contact with that service-road. I knew it, I bloody well knew it! Anger and curses helped not one bit and Jim and Jimmy got out of the car and going to the rear attempted to lift the Ford Consul back onto the road but their efforts were in vain. At most they, Jim anyway, was partially lifting the car off it's springs but no more than that for the wheels were still overhanging the drop-off. I sat there resigned to battling the inevitable horror of those alien creatures swarming in droves now so much closer to us. Then, Christine, sitting behind me suddenly let out a piercing scream. "What are those? What are those?" She screamed! The rocking motion at the rear of the car ceased momentarily. I pictured Jim looking up to see what Christine had screamed at.

Then, nothing short of a miracle occurred. when Jim literally lifted the rear end of that heavy car with Christine and I sitting in it, bodily off the ground and threw it at an angle onto the road so that the car was now almost facing the opposite escape direction. With a strength born of sheer panic he had lifted that vehicle bodily and threw it around to face the opposite direction. Both Jim and Jimmy dived head first into the car, slammed the doors shut and I drove out of that hellish place like the proverbial bat out of hell.

I drove fast for some distance, climbing to gain the top of each steep hill then, upon no sign of those 'red eyes in my rear view mirror I would stop momentarily atop each hill and Jim and I would step out of the car to look back whilst safely keeping the engine running. I knew that if by chance the engine stalled then we could 'freewheel' down the other side of the hill to restart the engine if the battery failed us, a possibility I was fully aware of.

Soon those 'red eyes' would hove into view rapidly moving towards us. We actually saw the horde divide into two vast armies, One vast horde on either side of that road. We would then get back into the car and drive to each successive hill-top and repeat the observation until at last we were able to see the town of Okehampton way ahead and below us on our 'right' after which we saw no more of those 'red eyed' aliens who had then given-up the pursuit. I have never been back to that place on the Northern Moor. Brother Jim is no longer with us alas, he sadly 'passed over' on the 27th August 2009.

Just under a month short of his 'eighty first' birthday. I doubt that I will ever return to Dartmoor - memories would sadden me too much apart from my own ill health. At nearly 'seventy-eight' now and diagnosed with 'end stage kidney disease' I drive no more preferring now to be driven by my son or daughters. I guess though, 'never say never' for I would love to revisit wild Dartmoor once again.

Upright Canine Encounter - Bald Eagle State Forest, PA

The reporting level is rising steadily as publicity increases.  Excellent report here.  We got a good long look. The animal has its summer coat.  We also got to get a feeling for its muscular confirmation.  Recall this sucker likes trees.

Again the witness got off lucky as the creature felt no need to take them out as it could easily have done.

This what a giant sloth really looks like.

Upright Canine Encounter - Bald Eagle State Forest, PA

Saturday, July 08, 2017


This evening I received an upright canine report that was obtained by my colleague Butch Witkowski:

Location: Bald Eagle State Park

County: Mifflin

Township: Armagh

Sighting Date: 4 July 17

Time: Approx. 11:10 AM

Number of witnesses: 2

Terrain: Heavy Wooded and Heavy Undergrowth

40.828030, - 77.374525

A resident of the Weikert, PA area a friend were on a designated hiking trail in the Bald Eagle State Park when they heard something walking to their right in the woods as if following them. They looked on several occasions in that direction but saw nothing and continued to hear the noise as if something was walking parallel to them. Their first thought it was a deer but the substantial noise made them second guess it could be a bear. The one gentleman was armed with a .40 cal Glock pistol so they continued and heard a sudden stopping of the noise. They stopped to look around and there was nothing visible to their right or left. They turned around and behind them at approximately 50 yards stood a large animal they first thought was a bear standing on its hind legs but quickly realized it was not a bear.

Witness Description: A large wolf like head with short pointed ears, long muscular human like hands, massive chest and very thin around the waist area. Muscular legs and from the knees down what looked like a dogs hind legs. It's coat was very short and dark brown. (could have been black but looked brown) It made no movement toward them but just kept staring with what is described by witness as bright yellowish eyes. They started back to the area where they left their car and looking behind constantly but it was not there but it was following again to their right and there was noise as before emitting from the woods. Upon arriving at their vehicle there it stood in the tree line watching them and stayed was still there as they left the area.

The one witness who made the report works for the DCNR and marks out damaged old growth trees to be cut and trees blocking pathways hiking trails and fire lanes to be removed. He would like to remain anonymous because of his job but left a contact if I needed more information. His companion is really shaken up and would rather never discuss it.

BW 7-8-17

NOTE: This is our first Pennsylvania upright canine / dogman report since the winter months. If the sighting pattern of the past 2 years continues, then we may see more activity in the late summer / early autumn. The PA Upright Canine/Dogman Witness Sightings Map will be updated. Lon

Kolbrin - Tribe of Smiths

What i have finally understood is that the folk who maintained these documents were actually the tribe of metal workers.  That makes their presence near Lake Superior natural and certain and their ultimate move to essentially the tin mines of Cornwall also natural.

Steady decline in demand for copper ultimately forced their moves although we are certainly looking at a temporal arc that is at least two thousand years or those ninety generations.  What is unexpected is that they hung on in North America long past the Atlantean collapse likely trading with local tribes. Most mines would have been abandoned but it needs little to sustain a modest locale trade.

Their final move likely was triggered by contact with the Vikings through Hudson Bay and their  introduction to iron working.  They then surely moved the entire community to Cornwall to have access to ample tin and to pursue perhaps an ongoing copper trade...



If any who have joined in cause with you or become allies act treacherously, grant them no quarter. 

Deal with them in such a way that their fate will be an example restraining others fi-om doing likewise. Never join cause with anyone proved treacherous or unreliable.

If any hold the same belief as you and have suffered for it, they are your brothers. Those who flght for the betterment of mankind or suffer for it, are your brothers. To surrender to the threats of those who demand you abandon your beliefs or ideals, is something which must not be done. Any man who has fought with you in battle is bound with you in the tie of blood and becomes even as your ovm kin.

Though you fight in the cause of Tmth and justice, be reluctant to commence the bloodshed and never do so if any other means, except cowardice or capitulation, lie open to your hand. If, however, you truly believe the foe will launch an attack, you are justified in getting in the first blow. You are answerable to your own soul. When battle is joined, you may slay the foe wherever you find him. Never acknowledge defeat and never submit meekly to domination. If the battle goes against you, withdraw to fight again. The live dog eats the dead bear.

Never fight among yourselves, for such quarrelling is worse than the bloodshed of battle. Differences and arguments among you are to be settled in an orderly and just manner, so that there is no severance or weakening among people. You are the People of the Light, the Law and the Book.

In the place of captivity men and women will be kept apart, for it is a place of requital and retribution. They will no longer be fi-ee, neither will they hold the rights of the fi-ee. They are to labour according to the judgement, but the labour of their hands is to be accounted to them. Each one must be used to get the greatest benefits fi-om their ability, and no one must be kept even one day over their requital.



These are the sayings of judges set down by the law scribes, and all that remains out of nearly eight hundred: We have learned that whatever a woman does she should not be cut off from her household, for this leads to other wrongs. If a wife be put aside for her wrongdoing it may be well to let her remain under the same roof without any rights of wifehood.

We have learned that not only are there women who are unworthy to be wives, but there are men unworthy to be husbands. If marriage remain open to such as these, those who sit in judgement are not unblameworthy for whatever follows. Therefore, man or woman may be forbidden marriage.

It is the law that adultery being a furtive deed done in deceit and betrayal, if man and woman are found in a position for adultery it would be as though they were caught committing it. This can lead to misjudgment.

Therefore, when no certainty of adultery can be seen and the woman can only be found to be indiscreet, she is not be dealt with as an adulteress. It is better for men to believe in the natural goodness of woman than otherwise. Yet when a woman has placed herself in a position where there can be no doubt, the husband may decide to keep her or not, but he must declare himself If he put her aside as a wife the judges will decree whether she go or stay. If she stay she may be bound to her husband, though no longer his wife.

We have learned that though adultery is a loathsome deed done in deceit while displaying a hypocritical allegiance to love, it is often not without preventable cause. Therefore, an adulteress can suffer a lesser punishment by being bound into the care of her husband while ceasing to be a wife, for she is unworthy. Then she is to remain within his household and submit to his direction. He must maintain and protect her and not allow her to wander. If she wander he may restrain her as he will. If she commit fornication while bound, the man who was her husband is not blameworthy, for she is under his restraint. The three must suffer their own punishments.

We have learned that when men fear for their safety and the sanctity of their own wives, they are less inclined to act adulterously with the wife of another. Therefore, if a man be found in adultery and married he will forfeit half his possessions to the wronged husband, and bis wife will also pass into the house of the wronged husband, or if he have neither dwelling nor land, he shall be bound into the keeping of the wronged husband.

We have learned that the minds of men are like a maze and therefore the rights of marriage are to stand against all others and prevail at all times. All children bom within a marriage union are equal in rights. Their inheritance is not to be diminished, even though they be the offspring of adultery or incest, for the wrongdoing was not theirs. Such children should be received with mercy, for they are helpless and will repay in full with love and devotion.

We have learned that it is unwise to give a daughter in marriage to an outsider, for if her husband die she shall be given to his father or his brother. Therefore, no woman may be given in marriage to an outsider, unless the contract of marriage be heard by one of the council and given his approval. We have learned that these things should never be taken from a man or shared:

His wife, excepting he commit adultery; his children, his clothes, his nightcovering, his weapons and his tools of craft.

We have learned that it is no longer necessary to forbid the eating of swine's flesh in this land and its eating is allowed, but the flesh of horse is not to beeaten except to prevent starvation.

We have learned that the soul departs with the last breath and whatever is done to the body does not affect the soul. Therefore, a body may be either buried or burned, but a high mound is not to be raised over the body or the ashes. Only husband and wife, parent and child, or brother and sister may be buried in the same grave within a graveyard. No one may be buried within his habitation.



In the containers I have gathered together all the books given into my care and I have done all the things I was instructed to do, and the work of my father is now complete. The metal will stand the test of age and the cutting is the finest workmanship.

The five great bookboxes contain one hundred and thirty-two scrolls and five ring-bound volumes. There are sixty-two thousand four hundred and eighty three words in The Greater Book of the Egyptians and eighty-one thousand six hundred and twenty-six words in The Lesser Book of The Egyptians, of which eight thousand nine hundred and eleven are in The Book of The Trial of The Great God and six thousand one hundred and thirty- four are in The Sacred Register, and sixteen thousand and fifty-six are in The Book of Establishment.

The Book of Magical Concoctions has six thousand eight hundred and ten words and this was the most difficult to remit, for it was a work of mystery and hidden things.

The Book of Songs and The Book of Creation and Destruction were not worked under my hand, but they are well constituted and will not perish. The Book of Tribulation was beaten under my eye and there are the books in The Great Book of The Sons of Fire which are not of my workmanship. I helped in part where the words were marked out and I struck them.

The Book of Secret Lore and The Book of Decrees are joined into The Great Book of The Sons of Fire and they, too, are enabled to last forever.

The metal is as our masters desired, made cunningly by the secret methods of our tribe and it will never perish. The marks are cut so that when seen to the right of the light they stand out clearly.

The bookboxes are of twinmetal founded with strength and turned with great heat, so that there is no joint where the ends come together. When closed and sealed water cannot enter.

When you read these things in times ahead, think of us who made the metal so imperishable and cut the words on it with such care and heavy labour, using such skill that in the years of rest they have not been eaten off.

Observe its brightness and wonder, for it will never tarnish.

We are the sons of The Sons of Fire, men so called because fire was necessary to their metalworking. Today we name our sons over the fire and forge, as they did, and each one of us belongs to the same fire.

Read carefully the sacred words which are written and may they be a lodemark to a greater life.

I, Efantiglan, and my father, attended to the making of these books and their covering containers. 

Those who mixed the metal and worked it by forging and those who cut upon it are members of our tribe, and it is well made and will last forever.

Malgwin recorded these books before they were consigned to the future and the name by which they were called is The Living Book For The Living'.

**** Ends at Chapter 7 
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